"Dr. Levenson is the best! She's taken very good care of all our animals (and we have a lot of them!) and we've had no complaints with the care they have received."

- Shaun H.

"When we recently lost our dog to cancer, Dr. Levenson's kindness and compassion provided our family with great comfort. Her veterinary knowledge and experience reassured us and helped us to understand what was happening in every interaction. A doctor with such professional composure and integrity is hard to find."

- Jennifer

"Our family dog has been sick with stomach problems and ear infections at times. Dr. Levenson has treated Cooper as if he was part of her family. She makes sure that he has the appropriate medications and care he needs while also answering our questions and easing our fears."

- Adam

"Dr. Levenson takes care of my new puppy, Oliver. She has been amazing! Not only does she explain everything that he needs, but she goes above and beyond in her practice."

- Courtney

"Dr. Levenson is amazing! She has been invaluable to our family in treating each of our pets. She was particularly helpful with our beloved senior dog, Miles. Miles suffered from arthritis and other joint issues as he aged. Dr. Levenson worked with us to find the best medication and treatment plan for him to ensure that he was as comfortable and active as possible. It is clear that she has a love and passion for senior dogs. We cannot recommend her enough!"

- Kate

"Dr. Levenson has been our veterinarian for at least 13 years. There is no one else who has the knowledge and caring that Dr. Levenson has shown us. She has been with us through wellness, sickness, and end of life decisions. Most recently she helped us find out what was wrong with our Tillie. Where other doctors failed, she made an initial diagnosis but without hesitation sent us to a specialist who confirmed her diagnosis.

Dr. Levensons's move to a mobile practice should allow more patients to get the opportunity for her 'best of show' medical care!"

- Leigh and David